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12 Fun And Easy Valentine´s Day Activities For Kids

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, hearts appear everywhere, and the world seems to turn red, pink, and purple and you know what that means! Kids everywhere are starting to plan their Valentine’s Day parties. If your child wants to have a party with friends, a stay at home party or just looking for some classroom resources then this article is for you.

And, even though this holiday can be approached in many ways , we came up with a selection of some great ideas for your family´s Valentine’s Day celebration. Many of these Valentine´s Day activities for kids can be modified for younger and older children.

Valentine´s Day Rolling Hearts Game

With this fun Valentine hearts game, you can make your Valentine’s Day party at home or at school a big hit with the kids! It’s easy but entertaining, and it can be enjoyed by children of all ages!

Simply throw the dice and cover the hearts with different colored heart candies according on the number you roll. The first person to cover all of their hearts wins!

We offer a two level game from easy to hard. The first level is a single dice game for younger children who can´t add yet and the second level is a two dice game for kids who can.

So wether your kids can add or not all children can join in the fun!

Simply print, grab some dice, and some heart-shaped chocolates and get started! Instructions are also included!

Click below and check out our rolling hearts printable game

Valentine´s Day Bingo

Bingo is a super fun game to play at a school Valentine’s Day celebration or even at home on winter cold or rainy day. It keeps  kids seated and entertained while they have fun with their friends or family!

A fun bingo game is one of my favorite things to do for any holiday, so our adorable Valentine’s  bingo printable is a major hit! It’s also really simple for you. Simply print and cut out the cards, then grab some markers or use the ones included on our printable and get the fun started!

Add some FUN to your Valentine’s Day with this INSTANT DOWNLOAD Valentine’s Bingo ! The Bingo boards feature super cuteValentine’s day images !  This Bingo game is a hit for Valentine’s Parties, Family Gatherings, School Parties, Girl Scout Groups, Cub Scout Groups, Church Groups, Senior Groups, Zoom Parties and more!

Click below and check out our bingo printable game

Free Valentine´s Day I Spy Game

The classic I Spy Game consist on someone saying ; “I spy… something that is red.” Then the other players, would take turns looking for a red item, and whomever found it first was in charge of finding the next item to “spy” for.

The modern printable version is a little bit different, your kids will be given two different pages. One of them will be filled with different items according to the theme, in this case valentine´s and on the second page they will be 10 pictures with boxes besides them. What you have to do is count how many of each image you see and write the correct number on the box next to each picture.

Complete the form to get your freebie!

Click below and check out our I spy printble activity.

Valentine´s Day Coloring Activity

Coloring is an excellent way for children to express themselves, enhance their motor skills, relax, and spend quality time with their families. In today’s overstimulating environment, it is one of the best ways to slow down and enjoy the simple joys of childhood.

Click below and check out our coloring activity printable.

Be sure to check out our post about Valentine´s Coloring Activities where you can find a paperback and printable version of an adorable animal themed coloring book!

Valentine´s Day Cut and Glue Activity

Painting, drawing, cutting, and pasting help young children develop fine motor skills, which helps them become writing-ready as they approach school age. Creative activities will assist children develop their fine motor abilities and hand-eye coordination as they get older.

Valentine´s day themed activity that will help your children to learn how to cut paper and to glue parts of pictures. Great for toddlers or preschoolers activities. Makes a fun idea for a valentine´s card or craft .

Click below and check out our cut and paste printable.

Valentine´s Day Maze Game

Mazes are basically the puzzles that we first have on paper and that we frequently see children solve from a young age. They are developed and made available to kids in a variety of patterns, pictures, and designs in addition to encourage them to do them. It’s worth noting that maze practice not only benefits kids, but also helps therapists address and highlight a wide range of abilities in them.

 To sum up , we can state that our little ones  They enjoy solving mazes as a recreational activity, but there is a great deal of logic and complexity involved in driving them to solve those mazes. 

Click below and check out our Maze printable.

Valentine´s Day Wordsearch

Word searches help children improve their general brain ability, whether it’s their memory or problem-solving skills. Word searches are fun for kids, and they can help them stay focused and improve their concentration. They’re also great for short periods of time because they’re so easy to stop and start.

Click below and check out our Word search.

Valentine´s Day Activity Placemat

Valentine’s Day Placemat for kids – A fun and entertaining way to help celebrate Valentine’s Day at home or in the classroom.

It includes coloring fun activities such as word search, maze and word scramble.

Chose the Placemat you like the most , print as many copies as you like!

It comes in two printing sizes US LETTER SIZE AND TABLOID

Click below and check out our Valentine´s placemat.

Valentine´s Day A-Z Game

A fun, easy, and memorable game perfect for any Valentine’s Day celebration. After receiving a game card, each player goes through the alphabet writing a single word or short phrase for each letter. The person that uses the most letters wins!

Click below and check out our A-Z printable.

Valentine´s Day Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a simple, versatile, and enjoyable way to interact with your child and encourage them to make their own discoveries. Scavenger hunts not only can be done almost anyplace, but they also improve observation abilities and help kids build early learning skills in a fun, relaxed, and natural way.

The HAPPY KOKO Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt is the perfect game to play at any Valentines day party , classroom or just for fun while out running errands with your kids!

2 versions included:

1- Pictures and words included version for non-readers and beginning readers.

2- A more challenging scavenger hunt , the player with the highest score wins!

Click below and check out our Scavenger hunt printable.

Valentine´s Day tic tac toe

Tic Tac Toe is a simple yet super fun two-player game , print as many times as you like or laminate and use the same sheet multiple times!

How to play

Decide who goes first   Though the first player generally goes with “X,” you can allow the first player to choose whether he wants to go with “X”s or “O”s. These symbols will be placed on the game board in an attempt to form a row of three.

After the first player does his or her move , the second player should place his symbol, which will be different from the first player’s symbol. The second player can either try to prevent the first player from making a row of threes, or he or he or she can concentrate on making his or her own row of threes.

Continue playing until one of the players draws a row of three symbols or no one can win.

Click below and check out our TIC TAC TOE printable.

Valentine´s Day Activity Bundle

This 11 in 1 Valentine Game and Activity Bundle is perfect for your Valentine’s Day Party. Games and activities are available individually as well.

What´s included:

  • 2 Valentine´s day scavenge hunt: a pictured version for smaller kids and a more challenging version for the whole family
  • Valentine´s TIC – TAC- TOE ( XS AND OS)
  • 3 versions of valentine themed i spy game.
  • Valentine´s coloring page
  • Valentine´s Maze
  • Valentine´s cut and glue activity
  • Valentine´s A-Z game
  • Valentine´s Word search

Click below and check out our printable Valentine´s Day activity bundle

Suggested art supplies

  • Crayola Super Tips Marker Set: A must have classic. They come in several sized boxes – I purchased the 100-count box since you can never have enough colors!
  • Faber-Castell Learn to Watercolor Set – Complete Watercolor Paint and Paper Beginner Set – Washable Paint Set for Kids: WASHABLE KIDS PAINT – The Young Artist Learn to Paint with Watercolors The set included non-toxic, washable, and kid-friendly paints for kids. With this open-ended arts and crafts exercise, you can inspire creativity while your child learns the fundamentals of watercolor painting.
  • Crayola 120 Crayons in Specialty Colors, Coloring Set: These crayons are fantastic. The kids love glittering, sparkling crayons, and these were a big hit!! This box has four different sets of crayons, including glitter, shimmer, neon, and pearl. When I took out this unique package of Crayolas, my kids were always ecstatic. They are a bit pricey, but seeing the kids’ delight for coloring made it well worth the money!
  • Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection, Portable Coloring Set: EVERY SINGLE CRAYON! They come in a neat display case that organizes all of the crayons, so you don’t end up with a bunch of boxes all over the place at the end of the day, and there are more than enough variations of different colors, so multiple people can draw without having to wait for someone to finish with a color that they require. I had to look up the names of a bunch of the colors because I’d never heard of them before.
  • Crayola Erasable Colored Pencils: If your child, like mine, dislikes coloring beyond the lines, they are the perfect remedy! My son used to resent coloring, but now he can be creative without fear of ruining his work if he makes a mistake. This has also helped his fine motor skills.

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