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Personalized Jungle Nursery Name Print

$ 3.99

Product description

includes 1 custom initial (digital) print and will be available as a high-resolution JPG file for printing

Your digital art will be created and sent to your purchase email address within 1 business day.

PLEASE NOTE: the file will be emailed to you it’s not an instant download.

To pick the name color go to the color chart on the product gallery and chose the number you would like. If you chose MULTICOLOR please state the color number on the “multicolor box”


  •  2:3 Ratio for printing:
    6″x9″ | 8″x12″ | 10″x15″ | 12″x18″ | 24″x36″
    16x24cm | 20x30cm | 24x36cm | 30x45cm
  •  3:4 Ratio for printing:
    6″x8″ | 9″x12″ | 12″x16″ | 18″x24”
    15x20cm | 40x30cm
  • 4:5 Ratio for printing:
    4″x5″ | 8″x10″ | 16″x20″
    24x30cm | 40x50cm
  • 11″X14″
  •  5:7 Ratio for printing:
    A5, A4, A3