In an otherwise blurry world, high-contrast books allow your infant to focus clearly. According to studies, a baby’s retina registers the most strongly when shown black and white images. This, in turn, transmits powerful visual impulses to the brain, resulting in accelerated brain development and visual development.

5 Benefits of High- contrast books for babies

  • Brain Development
  • Eye Development
  • Improves Attention Span
  • Enhances Their Tracking Abilities
  • Extended Tummy Time

Let’s Have Fun on Baby’s First Halloween!
Discover the power of entertaining visuals for newborns to help them focus, improve their vision, and even boost memory, but most importantly, to stimulate physical, emotional, and cognitive growth!

  • High contrast black and white Halloween-themed images
  • Cute and spooky phrases to read to your kid!
  • Powerful Visual Stimulation
  • High-quality printing

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