Hello there! Thank you for stopping by we really hope you had a great time while surfing our web.

What´s THE HAPPY KOKO all about? if you are interested,  let us tell you more about us and how this journey began.

As a family of three we were always creating and searching for both  fun and educational  screen free activities. 

On the course of our adventure we discovered we really enjoyed creating and coming up with new fun activities, books and printables for our little one.

So we decided to start sharing our creations with friends and family, as soon as we saw how happy and engaged those families were it was a simple fast decision for us, let´s spread the fun!

But why koko? Our son just loves cocodriles, alligators , etc. So when he started to show interest on this kind of animals we gave him a little buddy and he just ran towards the stuffed alligator and called him “KOKO” 

We hope we can bring happiness to your family and that you´ll join us on this fun adventure!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at: hello@thehappykoko.com